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It didn’t hurt that the mild-mannered undecided voter’s name was Ken Bone.

For about four days, America loved Ken Bone as hard as it could.

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But for all of the low points, the year boasted an equal bonanza of sexual highlights, including huge leaps toward a cure for HIV/AIDS and more public celebrations of body positivity than ever before. A Writer Had Sex With Her Husband Every Day For A Year To kick things off, imagine if you had sex every day this year. As if that debate needed to be topped, this year tweeters debated whether Hitler had a micropenis, and, if so, whether it motivated his genocidal behavior.

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They counted the clicks on the adult film site and turned them into charity by donating a portion of their profits to help save the whales. Just look at this heaven-sent, lacy line-up of sexy women. PETA Made a Super Bowl Ad That Was Too Steamy For TV You don’t really expect the activists from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals to make a Super Bowl commercia, and you def don’t expect them to make one that’s deemed “too hot for television.” But that’s exactly what they did and they used writhing naked bodies to prove their point. Due to a tragic childhood accident that mangled his penis, Mohammed Abad was still a virgin at 43 years old. A Spit-test to Test Romantic Chemistry Debuted Two years ago, the hot trend was dirty shirt parties where couples tried to connect based on the attractive powers of human pheromones. Some Swingers Asked Reddit For Advice on How to Tell Their Children They Have Different Daddies This may be one of the most awkward “Sit down, we need to talk” moments in the history of parent-child conversations. British Men Proved American Women Really Love British Men Some British lads made a splash online when they shared their crazy tales of touring across America and how many sex parties in small college towns they were inivted to. Charming British accents and American girls’ dreams of meeting a real life prince. Only in America can you just swipe your way to an orgy. Science Confirmed that Couples Who Listen To Music Together Have More Sex There are a ton of studies each year dedicated to sex, mainly because sex sells.

But thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, doctors were able to create and give Abad a bionic penis. This year, couples tested another way to find a date based on bodily fluids. Thanks to Reddit, we all got to share in some skin-crawling awkwardness and unease when some married swingers wanted to break it to their kids that they all have different daddies. One of the most chill studies of the year reported that couples who listen to music together enjoy far more pleasurable sex lives. Gather up some songs you can use to seduce your partner with a playlist. Ken Bone’s AMA Revealed His Kinky Side to America The debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were like a two-headed meme machine.

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