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At Cohabitation 101, our mission is to help you understand all of the aspects of living together. There are typically many questions running through our minds when starting a relationship. Starting a relationship can be a joyful, stress-free experience when we learn to tune in to what’s important and to tune out the second-guessing, insecure and critical thoughts that lead us astray. In this transitional period, we spend about as much time analyzing the relationship as we do participating in it.With that in mind, here are some tips on how to mindfully fall in love.Notice when they arise, but stand firm in our determination to stay open and be vulnerable to what may happen next.It’s way too easy to engage in common socially accepted forms of game-playing that have invaded the world of dating.If you have already had an abortion, visit the below link and start the healing process now!If a person does not understand domestic violence and cannot discern this evil spirit, they should not be dating or courting.

It can be scary at first to think of opening up to someone or letting someone really get to know us on a more intimate level.

The reason is simple… domestic violence is prevalent in our society.

There are men and women who firmly believe in using abuse and physical force to express themselves. In August of 1997, Bonnie Campbell, director of the Justice Department's Violence Against Women Office, has said that the numbers provide "sobering proof" that domestic violence is underreported.

In fact, according to projections from the 1997 study, 204,129 women and 38,790 men annually seek emergency-room treatment from injuries related to domestic violence. Your training starts with learning: The 8 Laws of Domestic Violence.

Next, you need to thoroughly understand what domestic violence is.

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