17 and 15 year old dating

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I think he was smart." (Tyga, for his part, claimed earlier this week that he and Jenner were not a romantic item."I'm not dating Kylie, I just want to get that out of the way," the "Rack City" rapper said on .If you're the 15 year old, please find an older friend or family member you trust to confide in and meet your boyfriend.

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And being that I am a senior, I'm getting ready to apply for college and such, so lately i've began wondering what will happen then. if she's as mature as u she will b understanding of ur new college experiences.

The law applies to men, women, gay, lesbian or straight in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you’re in another part of the world, you should find out what the law in your country says – unfortunately, we’re not able to cover anywhere but the UK.

If you are charged, the likelihood is you could be given a caution, a fine, imprisoned or possibly put on the Sex Offenders Register.

You will need to google the laws in your area, to find out what the age of consent is in your area. Make sure all your communications have no sexual content.

The most famous case would be Celine Dion and her husband. America, any sexual content to your relationship will also make your relationship punishable by law.

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