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Even with privacy guards in place, there are ways to circumvent restrictions.Therefore, we recommend a preemptive stance or approach to keep your online persona clean.• Closely review your posted materials (i.e., comments, photos, membership in groups) to ensure you are displaying the professionalism expected in a future resident and doctor.• As you examine your online persona, consider your audience.In an analysis of these profiles, the authors found the following: • Forty percent joined online groups.While most groups were benign in nature, some groups raised concern, including those with the names “Party of important male physicians,” “Keep your f***ing hand down in lecture and shut the f*** up,” and “I should have gone to a blacker college.” • When a random subset of students was examined more closely, 70% were found to have photographs with alcohol, with a substantial number showing excessive drinking.

Most concerning for these hiring managers were candidates posting information about alcohol or drug use, followed closely by posting of inappropriate photographs or information.

• Some profiles contained unprofessional comments, involving foul language, overt sexuality, and patient privacy violations.

While students maintain that their personal profiles were never meant to be viewed by anyone other than their friends, the reality is that anything placed in a publicly available profile may be viewed by programs and used in the selection process.

However, programs are limited in how they can assess these skills.

The use of social networking sites may provide additional information about potential residents not found in traditional application components (i.e., curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, MSPE, personal statement, transcript, interview).

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