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5000 is still pending which has to be released at the time of expiry of the person.

The family had also written to the officer in-charge regarding the balance amount which was a significant amount for the family.

This issue was brought to the notice of the social audit team during door to door verification.

The gram sabha discussed this issue and concluded that the amount should be immediately released to the beneficiary's bank account for which the assistant post master is responsible.

In a three day social audit from 4th May- 6th May 2013 in the Ithapudi village, the SSAAT team came across an issue of delay of insurance payment up to Rs 5000. The family of the deceased has received an amount of Rs 25,000, but Rs.

Surya Kantham expired on 4th September 2012 (registration date: 5th September 2012/ LIC No: 513932/ 464661).

Eventually, his mother finds out of his doings and his absence from school because of this.

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Vineeth Sreenivasan plays the lead and titular character of Aby.In early 2015 he displayed excellent understanding within Cipher-cracking while representing the university, by winning the “2015 Universally Challenge Cyber Security Competition”.Later Peter also appeared as an expert on the BBC Panorama’s episode “How Hackers Steal your Identity”, helping to devise a British Broadband website as a challenge to former criminal hackers.He refuted the issue and states that he has received only one scholarship and the second scholarship was sanctioned to a person by the name R. The nominee, his grand-daughter Tatipudi Barelibi was given Rs 5000 for any urgent requirement within two days of the death but did not receive the remaining Rs. When the nominee inquired, the Community Service Provider (CSP) requested for some more days on account of improper paper work on part of the deceased/claimant.The social audit team asked the nominee to write a letter addressed to the presiding officer of public hearing.

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