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While this assumption should be true, since you should be blogging about the same subjects your link recommendation and categories should be, it isn’t always true. Blogrolls began as a simple method of showcasing links to other sites (blogroll) to promote them from your sidebar – to show you cared enough to link and recommend.

Search engine algorithms like Google’s Page Rank and search results gave them a little more love in their calculations, assuming that if you link to a site, you must recommend and trust it.

Here is a list of what to do and not do with links and blogrolls based upon the latest information on Google’s algorithm update and for the best SEO and user experience.

You can find more tips on how to “recover” from Google Penguin in “How to Recover from Google’s Penguin Update” by Michael Martinez, which spells out the whole Penguin system with commentary on whether or not these are good things, and “Tips On How To Recover From Google’s Penguin Update” from SERound Table based upon SEO experts in discussions at Webmaster World recently.

Most of this book has focused on ways in which security incidents can be prevented.Now they want to punish all link abuse to force everyone back to square one, a trusting place, giving links back their original value and intention as letters of recommendation.In other words, don’t link unless you trust that link and would recommend your grandmother visit the site.Word Press caused some confusion with the Links Manager when they made the assumption that link categories should be associated with post categories.Link categories suddenly appeared in post category lists causing no end of confusion.

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