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Answer: As long as he does not actively participate in the big game hunt, including driving, he may hunt small game while accompanying you.

You may not operate an artificial light within 500' of a dwelling without consent of the owner/lessee. Answer: In some cases, yes, provided that you possess a valid New York State pistol permit.

Question: I lost my back tag holder and all of my back tags, what do I do?

Answer: Lost back tags (the small numbered portion only) may be replaced by any license issuing agent. Question: I took my hunter / trapping education course a few years ago and I can't find an old hunting license or a copy of my training certificate.

Question: Can I use a light at night to "spotlight" or look for deer from my car?

Answer: It is legal in New York to use artificial light to spot deer as long as those firearms are locked in the trunk, completely secured in a case, or broken down.

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