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If you have one 100 watt, and one 50 watt, the 50 watt will look yellower, so try to keep them matched, or close, if possible.

Higher wattage light bulbs give a whiter / bluer light, while lower wattage bulbs light look yellower.

The microphone on the camera likely will be very sensitive.

Our eyes automatically remove the coloring and try to make all light sources look natural. Setup your video camera on a tripod, or on a bookshelf, and make sure the background is lit up as well, and is attractive.

Adjust your voice as you practice so that it sounds attractive and sexy if you wish.

If the sound quality is not what you would like, or there are echoes or noise in the background, attach an external, wired microphone, and clip it to you, or have it 2-3 feet away or closer when you record. Slide Shows are Great If you are uncomfortable in front of a video camera or you do not like to record your voice, you can always make a slide show video with a favorite song playing over the top.

They can hear your voice, see your mannerisms and getting a better feel for who you really are. While many online dating sites have the option to make videos, some of the most common mistakes happen with adult dating sites.

Just because it’s an adult site doesn’t mean you get to make a porno, or that you should.

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