All of the playlists selected for updating no longer

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Pure Music DSD Bookmarks appear as such files (sample rate 2,822.4 k Hz and higher).Opening the file in Apple's AU Lab application running under any OS before 10.13 (tested with Mac OS 10.6.8 and higher) does not cause a crash.This insures that the behavior of the computer will not change unexpectedly due to changes in software or OS updates.This recommendation is included in the "Optimizing System Performance for Audio" section at the beginning of the Pure Music User's Guide, which is included with the Pure Music software download, and on this Support page since 2013.This is also true if you are running Pure Vinyl 3 and do not intend to upgrade to Pure Vinyl 4.Pure Music 3.0.6 can be found on our Download page.This typically takes at most a few days; but we will have feedback almost immediately in the very unlikely event that show stopping issues are discovered.Please see the topic "i Tunes Compatibility (general comments)" elsewhere on this page for more information. Un-check "Automatically check for updates" Disabling automatic updates in i Tunes: 1.

In the interest of caution, if you feel compelled to upgrade (despite the above advice), let the dust settle on updates and wait until we give a green light.UPDATE - October 8 - the issue has been traced to a bug in OS 10.13 / High Sierra.Specifically, certain audio applications (including Apple's AU Lab utility) are unable to open or will crash when attempting to open high sample rate Apple Lossless format audio files.Always maintain a computer backup, and always backup before installing any updates.Then, should unexpected issues arise with an update, it is a simple matter to roll back the computer software and restore full functionality. We endeavor to test Apple updates as soon as possible after they are released, and post information on this page.

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