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I was never satisfied with my therapist’s response, so then I took it to the meditation cushion and my male friends. It’s in our DNA to want to have sex and be sexual with other human beings.

I included a few short responses below and the longer, stand-out responses I have included at the bottom of this post if you are interested.Similarly, one of the main reasons why so many men surf porn is because it’s a temporary stress reliever. Since I used to suck at feeling my feelings and I was emotionally constipated (due to my conditioning), I resorted to the limited tool belt I had; stuffing, distracting, avoiding, masking, hiding, masturbation, fucking, or projecting it outward through blame. I love appreciating and experiencing another human being for more than just her physical traits.So objectifying women is temporarily helpful for me when I want relief, even though it’s comes at a cost and it ultimately doesn’t help me in the long term. This requires I meditate, connect to someone I love and slow down. What I prefer physically doesn’t in itself inspire me to want to connect with a woman, and doesn’t in itself have me feel attracted.Is it just normal because I’m a heterosexual guy that likes women?I took this question to my personal therapy many times.

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