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As he finished putting on his boots, he heard a voice calling.

“Hey Mr., hey Mr.” He looked but couldn’t see anything until a baby camouflaged rattler raised its head and said, “Hey Mr.,” again.

They seemed to enjoy taking down wildebeests, just for the sport of it.

The wildebeest continued their ways with the new pride of lions.

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Analogies help the non-At first, I began by trying to explain where these postal management people come from.Often times the evaluation of new supervisors is not so glorious in the eyes of the craft employees.Usually craft employees view new supervisors as the same people that would walk off and leave a job incomplete, the same person who lacked the capabilities to perform assigned duties, and the same person who made sweetheart deals with management at other union members’ expense, the same person that would do absolutely anything to get out of work.The same craft employees they once worked beside have suddenly become worthless, lazy, tricky, thieves and just someone that you have to stay on all of the time.Because they are supervisors, they believe their superior qualities grow compared to the qualities of craft employees.

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