Arashi dating

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For couples in love why not take a trip to Okinawa, and do something other than the usual date for a change.Okinawa (沖縄) is packed with nice sights to see and fun things to do.This beach also is known as the Okinawa version of the Garden of Eden.The Adam and Eve legend keeps this beach a special spot for couples.

Once you arrive there is another great view from the Ocean observation tower.It is a road crossing the sea linking the Katsuren peninsula (勝連半島) and Henza-jima island(平安座島). You can walk across to experience its beauty from a different view.You will enjoy this scenic drive that is approximately 3 miles in length. Along the road you can visit the Ayahashi-kam sea shops and the Yakena Straits observatory, which has been selected one of the 35 best views in the Okinawa Prefecture.【Spot name】Kouri island 【Address】538 Kouri Nakijin-son 【Hours of operation】a.m to p.m.【Closed on Mondays】Without Senaga-jima Island’s Umikaji terrace beach resort was opened in 2015.

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