Bay area dating ideas

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Dugongs are sometimes tolerant of the occasional swimmer at near distance but they don't seem to enjoy crowds of overly curious onlookers.An Italian diver Roberto Sozzani describes how one Dugong at Abu Dabbab soon found all the attention too much. In order to avoid the wild crowd on the surface, the dugong dove and then emerged covering long diagonals, moving to deeper and deeper waters.Night owls might also be glad to know that on Thursday nights locals head to the beach bar at Abu Dabbab for a weekly party.THE BAY AND THE REEFS Abu Dabbab is a partially enclosed u-shaped bay with one of the best sandy beeches on its' innermost western shoreline and one of the largest sandy bottom bays with sea grass in the region.

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You will be surpised how quickly the dugong swims for although Egyptian dugongs can weigh up to 500kg and swim at an average speed of 10km/hour they are capable of bursts of speed of up to 20km/hour.This fee also allows you free use of the lounge chairs and beach umbrellas.You will find toilets available and the beach is kept very clean with a small bar where you can buy drinks and snacks.The offshore reefs however are more suitable to divers and should only be visited with a professional guide.Abu Dabbab is close to most of Marsa Alam's hotels and located on a brach road off the main coastal road between the Sol Y Mar Abu Dabbab and Marsa Alam Hilton hotels, 34km north of the town of Marsa Alam and about 35km south of the airport and for those who like GPS coordinates you will find it at latitude 25'20'N and 34'45' East.

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