Big church dating

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‘There are major advantages that come with scale, and some large churches thrive by offering a range of services or small groups that serve the tastes, needs and circumstances of a wide constituency,’ explains Dr Mathew Guest from Durham University’s Department of Theology and Religion, an expert in contemporary Christian churches.

I value the warm welcome, but then I prefer to sit at the back and leave quietly – no questions, no expectations.’ Robert, 41 ‘The demands in [larger churches] are not great, at least initially,’ says Dr Cartledge.However, many people are ultimately keen to get involved, and large churches also offer countless opportunities to run groups or get involved in ministries.In fact, 54 per cent of people in large churches volunteer in some capacity – a higher percentage than in smaller churches.It can also lead to a ‘brain drain’ effect where younger members with the time, energy, talent and drive to help a church grow and thrive are lost forever.This can be particularly devastating in rural areas, where people may reject their small village church to travel to the nearest town for a more sizeable Christian community.

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