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Teachers have some accountability with their student's education; doctors have some accountability with their patient's LIFE. They have master's degrees and perform a vital service, yet are lucky to get paid as much as a 10 yr veteran of assembly line manufacturing (with their possible high school diploma).

to say they are even around the same level is laughable. Do teacher deserve to be paid as much as a high end assembly line worker? If there were no teachers, there wouldn't be, at least good, doctors.

While professors (Ph Ds) and doctors (MD, DDH, etc.) have a similar amount of education, doctors still work in a much higher risk area. If a doctor screws up a person can experience pain, illness, or worse things such as permanent side effects, disfigurement, or death.

Doctors are often paid more for the amount of skill needed to avoid to constant and dangerous side effects.

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Doctors are so greedy they should be thinking about there patient's life rather then the money in there pocket. Do teacher deserve to be paid as much as a high end assembly line worker? It's funny, because I was actually just thinking to myself what the difference is between a doctor and a professor (not so much a teacher, though).A teacher-student relationship is more intimate and PUBLIC not to mention illegal if I'm not mistaken (an 18 year old high school student getting it on with a teacher) than a doctor-patient relationship. You're going to have to cite an article for this one.The example you provided isn't a good one to demonstrate the accountability of the respective professions.Also depending on what you really mean in that quoted statement, you could have just debunked your whole point right there.(If you go to college you deserve more than minimum wage, if you go to more college you deserve more than average wage) Doctors have to go through significantly more education than teachers.

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