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These bottles are of a glass type that apparently stains easily and/or are all found in areas (SC) that are prone to staining glass with highly basic or alkaline soils?

With the cleaning - which did not compromise the still very bold embossing - this bottle is near mint, the only issue being some very, very minor roughness with no depth (more felt than seen) to one side of the lip rim that is likely to have been in-making.

This bottle is a light to medium amber in color, has a very crudely applied "oil" finish or lip ("globby-ness" completely - 360˚ - around the base of the finish), smooth indented base, and is 9.5" tall; these bottle date from between 1875 and maybe 1885 based on manufacturing features.

This example has been professionally cleaned as most non-stained examples have been.

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In any event, this example is 9.2" tall, "flask" shaped body (over 4" wide and 2" thick), blown in a post-base mold, lacking evidence of body air venting although boldly embossed, and a crudely applied double ring lip or finish with an appearance and manufacturing signature dating it to the 1870s.

Unlike the Mc Lean's product, this bottle has the noted embossing spread over both sides of the body..again to the delight of collectors.

- This is a very nice example of what is reported to be a Western blown tonic bottle and possibly related to the California Dr. The shape, size and embossing pattern was probably chosen to emulate the way more popular "" though the mold engraver (or Dr. ) had a problem correctly spelling purifier choosing to spell it "Purifyer" to the delight of modern bottle collectors.

This product claimed to be "Not a stimulant but a restorative nerve tonic for all complaints arising from depressed vitality." Hum...sounds like a stimulant to me!

Take a look at the very cool 1895 advertisement at this link: are probably scores if not a hundred or more of the common Coca Mariani bottles around for every one of the Armbrechts' bottles.

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