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I could never tell with that guy when he was kidding and when he wasn’t.

Rather than trying to hide, he reasoned that it made more sense to speak out as much as possible about what he knows.

One well known academic claims that there are well over 1,000 illegal casinos in Tokyo alone, all with yakuza connections. I don’t know if there are over 1,000 illegal casinos–it would seem reasonable to say that there are a lot of gambling dens in Tokyo–including mah-jong parlors.

The “casino” as is typically imagined is something that many Japanese people can now experience by buying a cheap ticket to Macau or somewhere else and this has limited the appeal of the underground casino parlors.

Since the yakuza is interested in keeping him silent so that he doesn’t say what he knows, he hopes that the more publicity he generates, the less incentive certain gentlemen have to silence him since he’ll have already spoken as much as he can.

After getting his book out this past October, he’s gone on a whirlwind publicity tour, hitting 60 minutes and The Economist (mp3), as well asthe Daily Show (Jon Stewart’s deadpan reactions are hilarious.) Having long had a personal and academic interested in Adelstein’s career, I contacted him offering to interview him for MFT to generate a little more publicity for his cause.

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