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Costa Ricans, as people in other countries, are caught between old cultural forces and new ones that influence especially its young inhabitants.Ticos as a whole still respect conservative values, but they're starting to adopt several American cultural traits.Blacks on the Caribbean coast tend to be Protestant, and there is a sprinkling of other denominations in San Jos, including a small Jewish community.Spanish is the official language, though English is understood in tourist areas.

When one talks about culture, one is venturing into ample terrain.Some immensely important family traditions are: baptisms, first communions, engagement parties, weddings and funerals.These events are attended by the extended family as well as by a large quantity of friends and their family members.Costa Rica is also different from other Latin American countries, because it practices a "lukewarm" Catholicism that causes a strange mixture of partying and religious celebration during these holidays.Also, the Indian population is so small, that religious events don't offer a mixture of Catholic and Indian practices; thus, Costa Rican processions, for example, aren't as colorful as in Mexico or Guatemala.

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