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Cumia has also felt within lots on controversy by the time of his career.

When there was full prank going across the show one of the mentioned information stated by him was Mayor got killed with an accident. Earning a huge amount of money also encouraged him to live a standard life.

The other shows on the network are The Legion of Skanks (hosted by Jay Oakerson, Dave Smith and Luis J.

Norton and Bennington each have their own shows on Sirius XM daily. Cumia also revealed that two billboards advertising he and Lange’s new show are running in Jersey for a week- one on the NJ Turnpike and one on 495 on the way to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Fans of Cumia’s show have long suspected it was Lange who was set for the mystery second chair, especially after Artie announced he was shutting down his well-known Artie Quitter podcast.

Former "Opie and Anthony" co-host Anthony Cumia hosts his internet tv talk show/podcast from his studio in New York City.

Guests, mostly from the comedy world, join him to opine on topics from pop culture to politics to everyday life.

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