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Topi’s Daily Card #1147: Carpet of Flowers Now, this neat card has gotten some errata that changed the function somewhat.

Basically they changed this card so you can only do it during one of your main phases, not pre and post combat like the wording suggests.

Back before the sixth edition rules changes, there was only one main phase and going to combat was something that happened in the middle of it at a time of the active player’s choosing.

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For example, if you have a land in play, you lose if you don’t tap it for mana in your upkeep.https:// TCG/comments/2ki4le/judge_tower_a_magic_format_for_judges_and_people/ It will end up in the graveyard (unless something else is still making it a creature.)When Song of the Dryads becomes attached to a permanent, the enchanted permanent stops being a creature.You answered that the triggered ability of MM can be worked around (you mention Disallow), but how is THAT possible when the Treasure tokens do not go into MM's controller's graveyard? When you sacrifice a treasure token, it goes to your graveyard but the token then ceases to exist the next time state-based actions are checked.However, its brief existence in the graveyard is enough for it to trigger Marionette Master’s ability.When that trigger resolves, the creature’s controller has to sacrifice it.luckbuck13 asked: Re: your CI article, I saw a question about Marionette Master and Treasure tokens.

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