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After the initial campaign of 1994–1995, culminating in the devastating Battle of Grozny, Russian federal forces attempted to seize control of the mountainous area of Chechnya but were set back by Chechen guerrilla warfare and raids on the flatlands despite Russia's overwhelming advantages in manpower, weaponry, combat vehicles and air support.The resulting widespread demoralization of federal forces and the almost universal opposition of the Russian public to the conflict led Boris Yeltsin's government to declare a ceasefire with the Chechens in 1996 and sign a peace treaty a year later.Eventually, Soviet first secretary Nikita Khrushchev granted the Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) peoples permission to return to their homeland and restored their republic in 1957.Russia became an independent nation after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991.The marriage provoked outrage in Russia, fuelled by Moscow's child rights commissioner, Pavel Astakhov, who defended the wedding by saying that Caucasian women 'are all shrivelled with wrinkles by the age of 27'. In response to the remarks, young women online posted selfies on Instagram with the hashtag #Wrinkled Woman in which they scrunched up their faces to simulate the appearance of wrinkles.Many of the posts include sarcastic greetings to Astakhov.While Russia was widely accepted as the successor state to the USSR, it lost a significant amount of its military and economic power.

In almost all cases, demands for greater autonomy or independence were satisfied by concessions of regional autonomy and tax privileges.Boris Yeltsin incorporated these demands into his 1990 election campaign by claiming that their resolution was a high priority.There was an urgent need for a law to clearly define the powers of each federal subject.Putin's spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, announced the next day there was "no evidence" of the crisis, despite growing reports from gay Chechen men fleeing the region.In an April 18 statement, Powell announced that Rainbow Railroad would begin to expand its contacts in Eastern Europe in order to assist with the Chechnya crisis.

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