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“We have seen a tremendous uptick in Internet-based extortion cases and have put together a strong response to protect our clients,” said attorney Alex Spiro, who has handled a handful of victims of the exploding scheme, including an NFL football player.Desperate marks are so concerned about exposure to friends, family and co-workers that they are bypassing cops and turning to their lawyers instead.These predators are targeting wealthy men with important reputations, from professional athletes to movie producers to finance executives, said former NYPD detective-turned-private investigator Herman Weisberg of Sage Intelligence Group.“It’s open season on high-net-worth johns,” he said.On Whats Your, a controversial new dating site, the typical user is a man who cruises profiles, selects a woman, and bids on a date. Some escorts are obviously going to use the platform. Critics say that this is "indistinguishable from prostitution." The company's founder begs to differ.

The investigator arranged to meet the same phantom Asian and was again greeted by a cross-dressing hulk with a ready camera.If, however, sex with attractive women becomes a straight up commodity, turning mostly on money, the rich guy wins every time.And that's the sort of system that the folks at the bottom will rationally revolt against.But Weisberg leveled his threats, and the man scampered away, he said.In another trap, a married A-list producer exchanged lurid BDSM emails with a Brooklyn woman he met on

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