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We’re one of the only ISPs around who work to accommodate for those different needs, with bespoke service packages built to your requirements and requests - not just off the shelf options.We’re dedicated to providing our customers with absolutely everything they need.If you subscribe to the Earth Link Hyper Link Service, you must provide the address where you will use the Service ("Service Address") if different from your billing address so that Earth Link can schedule the installation of the Hyper Link Equipment at your Service Address.You represent that all information you provided during the subscription process is accurate and complete and that you will update such information with Earth Link should any of it change.To understand how Earth Link handles and protects your personal information, please see the Earth Link Privacy Policy. Earth Link may accept or reject any potential subscriber to the Service in its sole discretion.Earth Link will send you a welcome email as written confirmation of your order.Earth Link does not guarantee upload or download speeds.

Should this occur, Earth Link will NOT be able to increase the line speed once the connection is stabilized.You are solely responsible for the device (such as a desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet or smart phone) ("Device") and any software on your Device necessary to use the Service, including responsibility for (i) maintaining the security of the Device and data including protection of your username and password, (ii) the encryption of data, (iii) back-up of your Device and data, and (iv) any WI-FI network you use in connection with the Service.Earth Link recommends that you use anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software and that you update this software as recommended by the applicable provider. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF AND RESTRICTIONS ON THE SERVICE The Service speed may vary depending on location, line quality, inside wiring, Internet traffic, and other factors beyond the control of Earth Link.The consultation of the draft report was published on the BEREC website, inviting stakeholders to send their comments by the 28th April 2014.A total of 20 replies were received from a range of organisations, including consumer associations, Internet service providers (ISPs), content & application providers (CAPs) as well as measurement providers.

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