Dating longer lower divorce rate

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“My concern is that fewer people who could potentially benefit from a decree of nullity are petitioning for it. I sometimes worry that divorced people are sort of looking away, going to Communion and living as if it’s just fine, and they don’t have to do anything.

Though divorce rates leveled off during the recession, competition among divorce lawyers has increased -- and billboards flashing "Quick and Easy Divorce for 9" reveal how desperate for business they've become.

In 1990, one annulment was introduced for every 4.5 Catholic marriages.

Though the United States continues to lead with this statistic, the number had dropped to one for every 6.5 marriages in 2011.

WASHINGTON — An oft-repeated tale says Catholic marriages fare only slightly better than those among the rest of the American population — which is said to have a divorce rate of about 50%.

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Together, the French immigrants founded and began running the growing business Catholic Marriage Prep It's clients who don't fall into that category who are likely to pay more.Of course, such come-ons are partly "just to get you in the door," warns Sari Friedman, a New York City matrimonial lawyer.The interactive Internet-based curriculum has become widely used throughout the world to help Catholics discern and prepare for marriage.“It became our program with a few tweaks and moderations, and they have marketed it internationally,” Bishop Sheridan said.

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