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I then became the company’s marketing manager and learned a whole lot more about the industry, some of which also ended up in the book.

I have 20 years’ experience of Internet social platforms.

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Nowadays it is far more up to date and active than the book itself.Hopefully, at some point there will be regular staff writers.Very important disclaimer: This is a personal page for me and my book.My name is Shimrit Elisar and I am a writer and journalist who used to work for the UK’s busiest online dating network, then owned by a company called Allegran (later bought by the Daily Mail, who drove it to the ground until it was sold at least twice more, but that’s an entirely different story).I wrote a book, , teaching people how to make the best of the Internet dating world, which was all pretty new and confusing to the vast majority of people back then (actually, it’s pretty confusing for many people now, too! I based this on my work as a moderator / customer service agent for Allegran’s 6 dating sites (Loopylove, Pocado, Girlsdateforfree, datingforparents, Dreams Discovered and a flirting site I now forget) where I looked at many thousands of dating profiles on a daily basis and helped users with matters ranging from how to write a good first message to whether or not they should bring flowers to the first date.

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