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- Lyn B - Feb-23-2011 really felt the expectationsof the main character building so very good title.. I would read the phone book if KG Mac Gregor was the author of it.

Had real tears flowing and a nice warm fuzzy feeling, too! not so much whilst reading on a sunny day in June, though.. I am so looking forward to the 4th book being released mid-October - Cool Nik - Oct-03-2010 Great series. I read Road from Kilimanjaro and Shaken and I loved those stories. Tension, romance, intrigue, mystery, compassion, tenderness, friendship, love..the good stuff we crave in our Ubers. - Georgia - Apr-09-2008 Community Service is more than cute alright :) - easteden - Aug-29-2009 Awww this was so cute. - Rae - Mar-06-2010 Very well written story as always. - Lyn B - Feb-02-2011 As always very well written story. She also brought up a huge social standard issue during the 1940's that you don't see in many J&M fanfictions. I'm glad I did - Read it - Anonymous - Apr-10-2007 After reading this there was only one world in my head... The character are full well wriiten and the plotline just amazing! I'd like to see where their relationship was going. I got through the first few paragraphs and couldn't get past the nagging feeling I'd read something eerily similar to this and was ready to contact the author to let her know someone stole her work. Mac Gregor weaves an awesome plot and manages to throw some Amazons into it all. well written, ties right into the episode and just picks up where it left off... - Amazon Bard07 - Mar-09-2007 I don't normally read Janice and Mel stories, but when I ran out of KG stories to read I decided to give this one a shot. - Kat - Sep-04-2007 Getting it Right is a wonderful story, very charming and romantic, with excellent characters and a colorful, rich 'world'. - x/g fanfic fanatic - Jan-24-2010 I took this story to a long journey... While visiting the country (I highly recommend it) as I was admiring the temples, the landscapes... Realistic character behavior (not silly or contrived or over-the-top just for the sake of creating conflict/angst). - Reeza - Aug-10-2006 KG does a great job with this story - Believable characters, realistic plot, and a great read. - Anonymous - Aug-24-2007 i loved this wonderful story!! - offhermeds - Oct-29-2008 As always, KG Mac Gregor's characters are radiantly lovable, while beeing no "Mary Sue", having flaws, beeing humans, having social and personal problems like everybody, in short : credible. Wonderful story about the struggle to realize that you already met the love of your life but let the chance for an amazing life get out of your reach. - Darx - Jan-03-2010 Another great work from this author. )the difficulties of getting out of the closet in a small community. Everything seems very plausible; characters and their relationships, story line. - Georgia - Aug-10-2013 God this story hits a nerve in the reality department. So great and realistic that you just want to shake some sense into them early on, well one in particular anyways. - yin yang - Sep 10th, 2005 aww it's brilliant, just brilliant! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us who find your stories. - Anonymous - Aug-09-2011 One of the best stories out here!!! KG managed to write about life the way life is - ups, down, fears and those little bursts of courage, and still found a happy ending for these two great women. - Nyc - Mar 31st, 2004 Verry verry good, great plot, decent amount of romance and intrigue. Awesome - Anonymous - Aug-09-2011 One of the best stories out here. - Anonymous - Aug-24-2011 I really like this story and these characters.

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