Dating regulations

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State regulation of e-commerce is currently seeking new territory in the online dating industry. states have responded to these concerns by proposing laws to regulate online dating services.

Online dating services are a lucrative and rapidly growing industry that continues to draw concerns about the manner in which its members conduct themselves. This movement has created a debate over the merits of legislative regulation as opposed to self-regulation through better business models and policies.

If the provider does not perform criminal background checks, it must disclose a warning on the Web site's home page and all member profiles and e-mail communications accessible by the residents of the respective state.

This goes to show that an online company such as can end up having governments legislate its business model even if the members of its industry see no business value in following such a new online dating service that promises to take a tough approach in weeding out criminals and married people.It conducts criminal background and marital status checks on all new members.This site provides exclusive, free legal information for webmasters, operators and affiliates in the online dating industry.Here you will find articles, links, resources and other information of critical importance when operating an online dating site.

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