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During the American Civil War inflation was rampant and food was scarce. During World War II the Office of Price Adminstration (1942-1945) set the prices of various consumer goods to stabilize the economy in the United States. Most countries involved in WWII also rationed food and regulated prices.

In World War I our federal government established the U. Dates, prices and food items varied according to availability.

The scarcity of provisions for the arm and the price for food in the marketplace caused concern throughout the South." ---Starving the South: How the North Won the Civil War, Andrew F. However, farmers hoarded staples rather than sell them at the artificially lower prices, resulting in less food on the open market. A farmer could barter grain and vegetables for a horse; a merchant could accept flour for tools, a cobbler could exchange a new pair of shoes for a winter coat.

Fort Henry fell to Union naval forces, and the Union army proceeded overland to take Fort Donelson. 3) [1865] "Family Marketing: Current Retail Prices at the Principal Markets," New York Times, November 11, 1865 (p.

Despite its strategic location, the garrison at Fort Donelson ran out of provisions... 3) Bartering instead of cash Bartering (trading) goods and services in lieu of monetary payment was common in pre-iundustrial times.

Dishes, in some cases, were passed communally and not available as individual portions...

The Indian King in Philadelphia...offered "a regular ordinary every Day, of the very best provisions and well dressed at 12d a head...'...

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