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Beginning in 2011, Rolex did away with the previous system of clasp code configurations, and switched to a completely random 3 digit clasp code system.

The 3 digits can be all numbers, all letters, or both.

And in 2010, beginning with the late V serial numbers, Rolex serial numbers began to disappear from the 6 o’clock lug, and on current models the serial number can only be found on the rehault.

Below is a picture of an engraved rehault with the serial number at the 6 o’clock (serial is partially blurred out).

Rolex clasp codes can be found on two different locations on a Rolex timepiece.

Common to both warranty cards, the name of the authorized dealer from which the Rolex timepiece was purchased from will be listed on the back.The first letter prefix, R, was introduced in 1987.This system of serial numbers begins with a letter in the alphabet, and 6 digits of Arabic numerals follow that said letter.On the top we have a USA style warranty card, for a random serial beginning with Z Explorer to be sold in the USA market.On the bottom we have an overseas warranty card, for a G serial Explorer to be sold in Italy (country code 170).

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