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Due to production lead times, these date stamps typically preceded the manufacture date of the vehicle by 1 or more months. From 1920-1963, the format was 1 or 2 numeric digits, then an alpha character.

The first 1 or 2 digits are the month, 1 through 12. I was not used as they are too similar to the month digits. For 1970-79, Bosch continued using a 3-digit numbering scheme but the months were numbered 21-32.

For 1945-1963, O was also not used for the reason above. In addition, 33-36 were used for the 4 quarterly periods.

From 1920-1944, the following apply: A=1920 B=1921 C=1922 D=1923 E=1924 F=1925 G=1926 H=1927 J= 1928 K=1929 L=1930 M=1931 N=1932 O=1933 P=1934 Q=1935 R=1936 S=1937 T=1938 U=1939 V=1940 W=1941 X=1942 Y=1943 Z=19-1963, the following apply: 1945=A, 1946=B, 1947=C, 1948=D, 1949=E, 1950=F, 1951=G, 1952=H, 1953=J, 1954=K, 1955=L, 1956=M, 1957=N, 1958=P, 1959=Q, 1960=R, 1961=S, 1962=T, 1963=U Example: 8M would be August, 1956: For 1964-1969, Bosch used a 3-digit numbering scheme. 33 = Jan.-March, 34 = Apr.-June, 35 = July-Sept., 36 = Oct.-Dec.

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Have you ever read an online dating profile and tried to decipher the internet acronyms listed?

More semaphore information ====================================== Parts are stamped with two sets of numbers; year (last one or two digits) followed by month (also last one or two digits).

SHO semaphores are stamped on the back, on both sides of the locking tab.

Here's a brass reflector from Hella with date code 07 26 H which IMHO adds 1949 to the Hella list. Note that the numeric part is probably MMDD and not number of week as in the 51 and later units. _________________June 1952 Split Beetle - sold March 1960 T2 Kombi - sold April 1959 Polizei Beetle - sold High roof 1975 T2 kombi - for sale T3 Multivan 1989 - for holiday September 1960 beetle sunroof This one is a 7F, or July 1950. I think I have seen the "Z" codes on some Bosch items and can only guess that that might have been a post-era marking, your Z reg is actually made in '63 as a replacement part for earlier cars._________________John Henry '57 Deluxe '51 11E Standard Sunroof (Photo Bucket resto pics)Hi John, I removed that regulator from a 47 engine , I opened it and I found something strange !

what does a 3Y stands for on a Bosch 343 distributor? The housing is in poor condition, I never had a D regulator with that kind of pitting on the housing ! I've bin told that these regulators where used in a Radio car ?????? It appears to have a condenser (capacitor) attached to the circuit breaker contact bus. It has the larger tab on the ground bus that my 7F does not. I have a reg that was on an engine that was left exposed to the elements for probably 20 years.

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