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You know in a game of double-dutch how you kind of have to sit there and rock back and forth on your heels, waiting for the exact right moment to jump into the ropes?Yeah, that’s what your ex is probably doing to your social media right now.In a dating sense, double-dutching is watching from afar and biding your time before unexpectedly jumping back into someone’s life and, inevitably, fucking it up. Lauren Conrad famously called it “some kind of radar” but I think it’s far more calculated than that. You’re uploading party pictures to your Insta, pedicured toes in the sand on your Snap story, topical memes to your Twitter — they see it, they know what kind of state you’re in, and they’re ready to pounce. @itsamandaross by Katie Way Mental illness doesn't make you a smol flower or a delicate raspberry or what fucking ever.You know how right when things start going great and you’re about to start dating again, you get that “Hey, watched that movie last week and thought of you :)” text from the person saved in your phone as DO NOT ANSWER!!!!! The best times to double-dutch are polar opposites: either when things are going so well that you can’t fathom anything fucking it up, or when your life is in a vortex of shit-sucking torture and alcohol-related bloating. It makes you a person with a tricky medical problem.Go to regular site Domain Name: Registrar URL: Name: Sky Reiss Registrant Organization: Name Server: NS10. This information is provided for the sole purpose of assisting you in obtaining information about domain name registration records.Any use of this data for any other purpose is expressly forbidden without the prior written permission of Go, LLC."We're a matchmaker—just with multiple points of vetting." For example, if a brand wants to find somebody who's adventurous, Watson—which can analyze the last 20,000 words and emojis an influencer has published—helps weed out those that are more prone to doing vlogs from their couch.If a brand wants to pitch an action film, they might input key words like "action" and "explosion" to see which influencers have used them the most.

Watson considers 52 unique attributes for each person: Are they open-minded? Until recently, computers were unable to reason deductively like humans by inferring truths based on a series of other facts, Gold said.Here are 12 of the lessons I learned from watching this AMAZING MOVIE.Mantis is an amazing creature that I think is quite beautiful (not in a dating sense, but in a general sense). Not everyone is blessed with an amazing set of parents.While computers like Watson have made large strides in deductive and inductive reasoning, Watson can now begin to add abductive reasoning by making suggestions for an answer based on already available facts."The way I think about it, and maybe this is too simplistic, but you used to only have so many levers you could pull," Gold said.

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