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Here are five of our favourite off-the-beaten-track tips for things to do in D. when you’re done with following all the politics — real or make-believe.Capitol Hill is not just where the Capitol Building, Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress are located — it’s also a vibrant neighbourhood with plenty to do! The US capital is one of the most visited cities in the world — not just for being the seat of the real-life US government, but also as the playground of fictional characters like Frank Underwood, Jed Bartlet and Carrie Mathison.When people come, they often have a list of iconic tourist attractions they’d like to see: the White House, the US Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr.

DC also offers exceptionally beautiful parks, including Rock Creek Park, The National Arboretum, as well as US Botanical Gardens Conservatory.

It DID take a lot of its cues from Mayfair's DC Heroes, which is one of the reasons I initially liked it so much, but ultimately lacked its precursor's elegance. DC Adv's chargen is actually more elegant than DCH's which might not have been so obvious for Superman because so many powers were named after his own.

But your own hero called Afterburner having "Heat Vision" coming out of his hands, or Weather Mistress using winds as "Super-Breath" did seem pretty ridiculous.

Memorial, the Smithsonian Institution, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the National World War II Memorial; the list goes on and on.

While all of these spots are definitely worth checking out (and for maybe recreating one of your fave scenes), the city has so much more to offer beyond the National Mall.

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