Diaper fetish dating

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Once you’re in my home, you realize how serious I am about reforming you.

I take you into a strange room decorated like a nursery and tell you that this is where you’re going to be spending every last second of your free time from now on. I’ve tried talking to your mom and it’s clear that she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word.

We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.

You’re doing to be diapered, dressed, and treated as an adultbaby and I’m going to be your Mommy, whether you like it or not! So I’ll be taking control and giving you the punishment that you clearly need. No phone, no social time, no choosing your own clothes, food, or even when and how you go to the bathroom.

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I even take a risk and flash my breasts to show you that it really is okay. Of course we can’t find full ABDL diapers for you here, but there are other things that we can get for you, like a cute pacifier clip, babyoil, wipes, sippy cups, and some adorable pull-up diapers!

We start to talk about it and you joke that maybe I have a weird fetish like clowns or balloons or…diapers. I’m so turned on that I start masturbating right in front of you, talking about why diapers are so sexy. I have a special diaper selected for you, and one for me.

I strip naked and diaper myself first, spreading my legs and sprinkling babypowder all over my wet pussy, showing off my thick, crinkly overnight diaper.

How about we renegotiate my salary while I change that wet diaper?

We’ve been dating for a while and things…aren’t going well. I’m trying so hard, but I just never want to have sex. I put on sexy lingerie and heels, I’m all done up, but you can tell that I’m just not in the right mood. The idea of having sex in diapers really intrigues me, though. Without a second though I get on my phone and order a sample pack of diapers. You come home to find that I’ve already opened them up and made a plan.

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