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Heed these expert dating tips offered to you by myself and Jason Mc Clain — speaker, mentor, and life coach — before you go off into the wild yonder of dating after divorce.

It's better to have some wise advice under your belt in order to avoid unnecessary strife and heartache.

With texting, email, and smartphones, chatting and relationship-initiation require less effort, which means the stakes—and the risk of rejection—are also lower.

While it wasn't a whole new world — I had obviously dated before — it was still a new playing field and I came into dating differently this time, than I had before marriage.

When my ex and I first separated, it felt exciting to date and also, a bit like dodging bullets.

know we shouldn't monitor our crush's online activity (or, for that matter, Google search him before our first date) but, thanks to social media—and our BFF Google—we can.

And, we're more likely to become paranoid in relationships because we're able to keep tabs on our guy online.

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