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I was just wondering how long does it usually take for his speech to come back? The stroke affected his right side slightly but the worst part is that his speech is gone. Its very hard to talk to him and he gets upset when he can't talk back.Although some patients return to normal, many others make only modest strides, and some have little or no improvement.In general, the vast majority of recovery is seen in the first 6 months after the stroke, although people often tell stories of continued recovery out to 2 years.Unfortunately, speech disturbance is one aspect that recovers slowly, if ever.

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She is unable to walk or talk or do much of anything for herself without my assistance. After recovering as much as I though I was going to recover.I pray that you can find a way to help your uncle in this difficult time. Within 3 days he began to be able to wiggle his toes slightly. Today 3 weeks later can take 10 steps before falling.His speech was impossible, at first, days later garbled non sense to a few audables. Now, it is interesting he can repeat what you write, vut whether he understands is still questionable. My father is a story teller and that is why I will keep it IS.It is not accurate or fair to compare one person's recovery to another, due to the many variables affecting speech/language, including: location and extent of brain trauma ,age and health, and how quickly and frequently speech services are implemented. My mom had a stroke September 2009, she left the hospital after 6 weeks with very little speech, just yes/no, the rest was a nonsensical.Today, almost 18 months after her stroke, 6 months of outpatient speech therapy and she continued speech therapy at a local university's speech clinic.

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