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But none of that happens on screen and so guys go in expecting it to all be easy and they don’t know what to do,” he explained.There’s also the issue of the majority of people not looking like porn stars.Cutchlow suggests writing down chores, coming to an agreement with your partner about how to divvy them up, and being supportive in "emotionally charged moments."If you do have a spat in front of your baby, she says, don't worry, it happens – just be sure to restore that sense of safety by making up in front of your baby, too.

"And while we wouldn't ordinarily share every thought out loud, vocalizing this steady stream of information actually boosts your baby's brainpower."By age 3, kids spoken to more frequently have an IQ that's 1.5 times higher than that of children who weren't.

There are three keys: the number of words, the variety and complexity of words, and the way you say them.

By narrating your day, you'll naturally use all sorts of words. Researchers call it "parentese," and it's an excellent way to help a baby’s brain learn language because each vowel sounds more distinct.

It doesn't take a genius to help children reach their intellectual potential – just a loving, involved parent.

Here are some fun and easy ways to encourage your little smarty-pants.

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