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There are plenty of cafés serving coffee among Harar’s alleyways and brightly painted houses, many peddling the same beans that poetry’s enfant terrible, Arthur Rimbaud, exported during his wild, final years.Visitors, though, should take part in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony where beans are roasted, passed around to draw in their aroma and ground with spices, before being brewed in a (a traditional serving jug) and enjoyed.1) Ethiopia Though coffee is likely to have originated from southern Sudan, Ethiopia is often lauded as the birthplace of the brew.The first domesticated coffee plants were harvested around Harar, an ancient walled city that still cultivates some incredibly diverse coffee flavours.Now with five branches across the city, seek out the original Wawel Street store, which is adorned with vintage Italian grinders.2) Istanbul, Turkey When the great Ottoman leader, Sultan Suleiman, was introduced to coffee in 1543, he became instantly hooked and ordered his servants to perfect the brewing method.What to drink Try the Ethiopian-style macchiato which flips the Italian’s version by adding an espresso to a good drop of milk, rather than the other way round.

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Torrefazione Vercelli (Via Francesco Cherubini 2) and Torrefazione Hodeidah (Via Piero della Francesca 8) serve some great brews. Italians will usually start with a milky coffee over breakfast, but move onto espressos for the rest of the day.

Dating from 1720 (and last updated in 1859), this grandiose coffee house is the oldest in Italy and the home of the Italian espresso.

Start here before heading to Milan, where Italy hides its very best espresso bars.

Find a quiet coffeehouse corner, order a short coffee and a cube of Turkish delight, and partake in Turkey’s greatest coffee ritual: good conversation.

What to drink A Turkish coffee, but only drink it from one side as your fortune can be told from the .

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