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You kill accounts, perma ban accounts, change name and address, reset the account's password, and do a bunch of other things.

It used a scripting language called FDO which is like a propriatory version of HTML.

Something Awful Forums, author "iceaim" This thread has been inspired by the "Anyone remember AOHell and similiar programs? Below is a description of some of the "special" AOL accounts that were around: 1.

I used various methods to crack employee "internal" accounts and volunteer "overhead" and "community leader" accounts which were used by GUIDES and other AOL volunteers.

Funny thing is you can get around the viewrule by accessing the token rather than the keyword directly. You need an add on application called Rainman Tool.

It adds on to your copy of AOL much in the same manner that Master AOL did but it gave you many more menu options.

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