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I did have some contracted jobs lined up to do and often just worked until it was time for bed. Another month passed and so far the FBI was not snooping around me, that I could tell. But he also had ambitions for real political power, and that's where his law degree and public service jobs came in.But then one day an actual chauffeur driven limo came bouncing up my long gravel driveway. It also gave him access to a large pool of potential "slumming" sexual conquests. Part of the prenup was term insurance for James until age 50.Maybe a death sentence, since multiple felonies were involved - stealing his wallet and watch, using an illegal unregistered gun, carrying without a permit, spitting on the sidewalk.Any first-year ADA could always come up with multiple felonies for any crime. I started my thaw the easiest way for me, with Kaylie first.

Jan also started working a lot less hours and NEVER went out at night anymore, at all. Sometimes I would meet up with Sam and Will or some other veterans - but often it was just me drinking in a bar, pretty much alone. But it beat being at my new "home" alone, now, at night just watching TV. "James wanted to live the life of a multimillionaire before he was 45, that's where I came in.This was a Friday afternoon and Jan was already home. Later I retrieved one of my VAR's that recorded a very, very interesting conversation. He liked women like you, women that would actually "fall in love with him" that he could use and abuse and get a real ego boost from. What James did not know was that I was not nearly as rich as he thought. When he was home he was pleasant enough, skilled enough, and endowed enough for some great sex and to father two very nice children. His trust was a complicated thing, dealing with about 10 cousins in his family's complexities - untimely deaths meant no more than half of any individual's trust would go to that person's individual estate and be disbursed by wills.You were probably his best conquest - and certainly the longest affair he had. I had the old money pedigree and friends, and the houses and retreats, just not a lot of cash - and what little of that I had was dwindling rapidly. "His untimely death, his murder, has complicated a lot of things.This I took off when I saw James walk out but put back on when I walked away.) The Prosecution also put some public Marta CC video footage of a man they claimed was me, but my face wasn't ever clearly recognizable in any of them. Finally the prosecution in desperation called my wife. Let's just say it was some wise advice." My wife looked very strained. " There was a strained silence for almost a minute. " "Jan Merrill is my maiden, professional, and legal name. We hardly ever went more than one day or night without sex, back then." "Back then? Counselor, I will give you a little bit of leeway on this line of questioning but you better reach a relevant point very soon. We have not been intimate or sleeping in the same bed since my husband found out about the affair. I followed his career and rooted for him almost like he was my sports team.Diaz immediately objected and claimed spousal privilege. Then without consulting her lawyer or looking at me, she said "Yes, I'd like to testify, after all." Randall and his gophers looked very pleased. The courtroom drama started back up with my wife now on the stand. Things between you and your husband are not the same now? I knew he wanted back into politics at the national level and I hoped he made it.

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