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For instance if a plate with a hole in it has a tool path created select a male tool path, this will make the inside holes female automatically, all the critical dimensions will then be maintained. This prevents a dimple from being created on the part where the pierce occurred.

In Torchmate CAD/CAM when a male or female tool path is made the lead in will be created to coincide with the offset direction.

The issue with an arc lead in occurs when the plasma’s path comes around to finish the cut; it will encounter an area that has been partially cut on, and this can result in a divot or excess slag forming in the transition area.

In outside cuts or non-circle inside cuts the lead in type generally will make no difference to the final quality.

In Torchmate CAD/CAM the lead in length can be adjusted, this is similar to node editing a regular object. We search hard and wide to bring you the hunkiest in male muscle, fitness jocks, bodybuilders and male athletes! We pay them well, we pay them on time, and we work hard to take care of our guys! Our jocks keep more of their earnings than on any other site!In Torchmate CAD/CAM there is one default setting that must be changed to eliminate this problem. Ensure that Group tool paths with originals is unchecked.Press OK and all future tool paths will be created just fine.

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