Friends online not dating

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Enter the world of friend dating, an entirely platonic, swipe right, swipe left approach to finding your next BFF.

You'll only see other users who share one of your interests.

But if you just want to find someone to go to happy hour with you, your time is better spent on Bumble BFF or Hey! Friender Friender is the only friends app I've tried that feels like it is an app that's made for platonic relationships, not a dating app masquerading as a friend-making app.

When you log on, you create a profile with a photo and a brief description of yourself.

Bumble BFF also only allows you to make same-sex friends, so if you're a girl, the "boys have cooties" logic of third grade still fits. First off, you don't want to feel like you're dismissing would-be friends based on how they look.

I tried to apply the same tactics of a dating profile to my friend profile: a few smiling pictures of me with my dog and one showing an activity I like (in this case, aerial yoga); and a chatty explanation of where I'm from and what I do in the city. That means you're reading every description, which takes more time and can get old fast.

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