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(Former prime minister Edward Heath, by contrast, was also allegedly warned about cottaging in the 1950s, but this was concealed until after his death.) That day in Hackney, Michael unknowingly approached an officer.“This guy stood next to me and started getting his dick out and getting it hard and wanking and waving it.” This might sound extreme, not least because by doing so the officer himself committed an offence, but such practices were not uncommon for undercover officers.As soon as Michael responded, he says the officer “roughed me up a bit – pushed me around.“He said I was lucky he wasn’t charging me because otherwise I would be on the sex offenders register.” The officer, he says, also asked, “What if a kid had seen that?

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Now in his fifties, he begins to talk about what happened to him in the 1980s and 1990s.

As such, the picture formed by the cottagers has several faces: For some, it is a shadow of what lies outside.

For others, a burst of oxygen in otherwise airless lives. And they did not see the police entering.“Just as I was coming the cops appeared,” he says. Tim is muscular and tattooed, with deep laughter lines and an unusually expressive way of speaking, as if trying to conjure the feeling of each word with his tone. ’ They took us upstairs and said, ‘Do you know that what you were doing is illegal?

Are the laws in this area still fit for purpose – and how can they be applied to serve the public as a whole?

The questions also expose the difficulties of allocating police resources (in the case of Liverpool Street, those of the British Transport police) when the 21st-century horrors of terrorism demand so much.

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