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Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Laura Hodge shows members of the jury a small purse that was found in the woods in 2014 later identified as belonging to Holly Bobo, during her testimony of the Holly Bobo murder trial, Wednesday, September 13, in Savannah.

Since we started over 21 years ago, our members have been our higest priority!If you're browsing from your tablet or mobile phone, don't worry!We've spent countless hours packing in the highest quality video while keeping file sizes small.Watch Gavel-To-Gavel Coverage On Wednesday, a medical examiner showed a hole near the back of Holly's skull that was consistent with a gunshot wound. He added, based on the evidence, it appeared Holly was shot in the back of the head, likely from someone above her.He said it's probable she was shot with a .32 caliber gun.

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