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It was during his senior year that Joel finally came to terms with his sexuality.After a lot of thought and prayers, Joel decided to tell his parents three things. He would be living as an open gay man from this point forward. He had been attending his local LGBT center for support (The gay/straight alliance) and 3. They had mixed emotions; they loved Joel, but they would not support him. Joel moved in with a teacher and mentor and she has helped him focus on his dance career and his brighter future.He continued to volunteer his time at a local dementia care center, but also worked at a jewelry store and a local farm for pay.At the age of 15 he finally had his own money to pay for his first dance class... By the age of 16, he was spending more than twenty hours a week in the studio taking classes and being part of the performance team.Because of this Joel asked his parents to sign him up for counseling to “pray the gay away.” He felt torn between who he knew he was and who he thought he should be based on the beliefs of his family and others around him.The counselor would tell Joel how bad and wrong it was for feeling the way he felt.OCU’s dance program graduates have been cast in more than 70 Broadway productions; more than 48 have been a member of the Radio City Rockettes; and thousands of others have performed on cruise ships, in Las Vegas, regional theatre, touring companies, dance companies, and/or run successful dance studios.OCU has graduated such names as Kristin Chenoweth, Kelli O’Hara (both Tony Award Winners) and Chris Harrison from the Bachelor. He was offered a dance scholarship of ,800, an academic scholarship of ,000 and a financial hardship scholarship of ,000.

During the recession his parents were laid off from their jobs & but found jobs living and working at a local church camp.So, until he was old enough to find jobs, he instead played musical instruments, joined a choir, volunteered at church and community events, joined the drama team, the singing team, bell choir and even the puppet team.His other-than-dance activities even show how innate his desire to perform has always been.It was around age 13 that Joel began to understand that he was gay.This was a gut wrenching realization because of his family’s belief that homosexuality is a sin - that it is a choice and a choice that is not to be tolerated.

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