Is lexapro activating or sedating

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The other types of antidepressants that affect other brain chemicals really don’t work that well in OCD.Unfortunately, increasing serotonin in your brain often translates into feeling less horny and making it harder to climax.Others get a lift from it and take it first thing in the morning after breakfast.Still others, though fewer, take it right before bed and it helps them to sleep.

If you keep on taking a drug that increases a neurotransmitter level, you will eventually develop fewer receptors for that transmitter.Blocking reuptake means that more ­serotonin is available to get across the synapse to the next nerve cell, or neuron.Think of it this way: There is a pitcher neuron and a catcher ­neuron. The pitcher can scoop up any balls that aren’t caught immediately with its mitt and throw them again, or just hold on to them.They are chemical sisters, more alike than different.Celexa works fine for many of my patients, but Lexapro seemed to be a bit “cleaner,” leaving my patients less foggy and more mentally sharp.

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