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Performing threat modeling and establishing trust boundaries can help to accomplish this (see Guideline 0-4).These guidelines are intended to help developers build secure software, but they do not focus specifically on software that implements security features.Java programs and libraries check for illegal state at the earliest opportunity.These features also make Java programs highly resistant to the stack-smashing [4] and buffer overflow attacks possible in the C and to a lesser extent C programming languages.Java SE 6u30 is no longer the most current release of Java SE Please visit our Java SE download page to get the latest version of the JDK.One of the main design considerations for the Java platform is to provide a restricted environment for executing mobile code and code with different permission levels.

To minimize the likelihood of security vulnerabilities caused by programmer error, Java developers should adhere to recommended coding guidelines.

Using the Java security mechanism this can be implemented statically by restricting permissions through policy files and dynamically with the use of the mechanism (see Section 9).

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) can specify their requested permissions via an applet parameter or in the JNLP.

Existing publications, such as Effective Java [6], provide excellent guidelines related to Java software design.

Others, such as Software Security: Building Security In [7], outline guiding principles for software security.

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