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Eastwood directs the film like a serious period epic, draining much of the colour from the screen while concentrating on shades of grey and brown.But the real problem is the script, which never manages to build up any momentum. Find clever ways of getting industry pros to your show, without breaking the bank, of course. But do not expect industry pros to schlep a good distance to see you in a show. Focus on building collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with casting directors. I still call the actors in for auditions, nearly 15 years later.Music-lover Clint Eastwood adapts the long-running stage musical for the big screen with mixed results: it recounts a terrific true story but has an uneven pace.It also fails to put the events into any kind of context in the period, which leaves the achievements of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons feeling isolated from the rest of the music industry of the time.So it's difficult to engage in much of what happens.In 1951 Newark, Frankie (John Lloyd Young) works as a barber's assistant, hangs out with a mafioso (Christopher Walken) and sings in a band with his pals Tommy and Nick (Vincent Piazza and Michael Lomenda), troublemakers up to all kinds of scams.

Do not pop into the office unless otherwise invited.

Oddly, there the story of the Four Seasons feels dragged out to sustain a two-hour 15-minute film.

The narrative is fractured and episodic, with long stretches in which nothing happens that hasn't been portrayed in every other musician biopic.

Eastwood may be better known for his hard-man action films but the 84 year-old film legend and music fan revealed that was a passion project: "What was fun for me is that it's about musicians [...] The Four Seasons had all these hit songs, but they were juvenile delinquents!

They were just guys from the neighborhood, a place where, if you were a singer, you were looked down upon as strange, unless you were Sinatra," Eastwood revealed, via The Daily Mail.

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