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“The students I see nowadays typically engage in recreation almost exclusively from a seated position,” says Hickman, a residential life director for Inner Change, a family of treatment programs for adolescent girls and young women with emotional and behavioral issues.

“Many of our students arrive addicted to video games, television, or social media,” says Hickman, “which typically means that they’re not engaged in more physical or social forms of recreation.” Mental health professionals agree with Hickman that too little physical and/or social recreation can have significant mental-health implications for teens and can compound pre-existing emotional and psychiatric issues.

Hickman recommends that treatment programs hire or consult with a bachelor or master’s level CTRS to help design a truly effective therapeutic recreation program.

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A mixed-methods design was utilised to compare physical activity levels and the type of activities during play with toys and a toy substitute (cardboard boxes) and during the school break, school lunchtime and PE sessions of primary aged children from Year 3 (ages 7-8).

This review is part of a wider enquiry conducted on behalf of Play England and the British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA) for the 2011 Make Time to Play Campaign.

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Because of this, his team of therapeutic recreation specialists engineers their recreation program to be more than just fun and games.

Certain lymphatic disorders are linked directly to emotional dysfunction such as depression and anxiety.

In addition, exercise helps cleans the body of toxins and releases mood-enhancing endorphins.

The review gives an overview of the importance of play for children’s health, well-being and development, as well as discussing the benefits of play provision to local communities.

It illustrates how lack of time and spaces for play, and hostile attitudes towards children playing outdoors can have damaging implications for children’s health and happiness.

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