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Of course, you might just come across as a bit of a coward but that’s the risk you take.

If you’re considering this approach then remember this; we’re just talking about a kiss here, not a marriage proposal.

If your date isn’t interested they can always offer you their cheek instead – no harm done.

One of the e Harmony team members once went on a date with a man who decided to kiss her in the middle of a road. We’ll never know why he chose that moment, but it was far from ideal.

Also don’t think about it too much (though we know that can be difficult) or you’ll come across like some kind of date robot – not an attractive look.

Creating an Opportunity Reading Your Date's Body Language Going for the Kiss Community Q&A The goodnight kiss is one of the most exciting parts of a romantic date.

If it seems like they’re hesitant, don’t assume your date isn’t interested, they may just be shy.

We all know that the end of night hug is often a pre-cursor to that all-important kiss, so look out for the hug to give you clues as to whether you should go in for the kiss or not.Setting up the Kiss Establishing Intimacy Putting Your Best Foot Forward Community Q&A First dates can be nerve wracking, especially if you think you might get a kiss.Kissing is fun, especially if you and your date have great chemistry.By setting up the kiss, establishing intimacy, and putting your best foot forward, you can create a perfect kissing opportunity. OK, so I only watched the finale, but still, I was appalled by the weird inside-of-bottom-lip-to-chin action hot Peter gave Rachel. (Eric and his beard are perfect, and I'm just going to believe his kisses were too since she booted him too early for me to see them.)Isn't it weird that we smush our mouths together when we like each other?

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