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Most people will take a holiday first to find out more about where they might want to retire.

Davao City, Boracay Island, Cebu City, Puerto Galera and Palawan are all popular locations among the Philippines' 7,000 islands. Timeshare in the Philippines The best way to decide if the Philippines is ideal for your retirement is to vacation there.

But to get a sense of what it would actually be like to live there, you'll probably want to avoid impersonal accommodations and elect to stay in timeshare rentals instead.

With timeshares you can immerse yourself in the culture of the Philippines and imagine what your daily life would be like.

Over the centuries, Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese traders visited the islands, all leaving the mark of their own Asian cultures as well as those of Spain and South America, including the Portuguese-speaking countries.

So this has influenced music, clothing and fashion, and most of all, the food.

Although the use of the Spanish language was never actively encouraged, there are many Spanish words in Tagalog which is widely spoken among the locals.

The Philippines is basically an English-speaking country, and life in the Philippines has similarities to that of living in the USA, Canada, or Europe, but at a much lower cost of living.

The first inhabitants of the archipelago that became known as the Philippines were mainly of Malay origin.Both Western and Latin influences are very noticeable.The people are warm, friendly, very family-oriented and sincerely helpful by nature; most speak some English, as it is a compulsory school subject.While you can see our Before You Move page for general information, we recommend you learn from an author who has put together some indispensable guides for loving (!!) living or working, investing or just retiring in the Philippines.

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